Featured Cake Artist on FOODTASTIC, a Disney+ original cake competition!

Yaya's Cakes


Founded in 2009, Yaya's Cakes has been delivering the best in baked goods. From chewy, delicious cookies to extravagant birthday and bridal cakes, all of your sweet tooth cravings can be satisfied!


Located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Yaya's Cakes has been steadily growing in popularity. From winning competitions (The Best Birthday Cake in Brooklyn) to sponsoring events, it's clear that Yaya's Cakes is destined for greatness. People come from all corners of New York to try the crowd favorites, including Yaya's Famous Chicken & Waffle cupcake, the crowd pleasing Vanilla Velvet cake, and the heavenly Red Velvet cake! 


Don't think you can only get cupcakes here.  Yaya's Cakes also specializes in cakes, cookies, brownies, cake pops, and cream puffs. Everything is made from scratch from fresh, local ingredients. Cakes are never frozen, and fruit fillings are never canned. Fresh, moist cakes are always on the menu. 


Interested in a custom cake? Yaya's Cakes does that, too! Get a beautiful hand-painted design to match the theme of your event!


Contact us for a sample, and see what Brooklyn is buzzing about!