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Thanks For Choosing Yaya's Cakes!



"I fell in love via picture! Presentation is definitely everything and Yaya has mastered the skill of bringing your every sweet wish a reality. I would tell everyone to try her everything!"

- Aniyah M., Brooklyn, NY


"That chicken and waffle cupcake, makes me wanna slap my mama!"

- Marvin W., Brookyn, NY


"My first encounter trying Yaya's Cakes, it was love at first bite. The presentation, taste and being able to order anything imaginable is simple amazing. I'll be a customer for life!!!!!"

- Robert M., Brooklyn, NY


"The best chocolate cake EVER!!"

- Lydia G., Brooklyn, NY


"When I was pregnant, I was insatiable. I'll never forget going onto Yaya's instagram page and seeing her chicken & waffle cupcakes! It was all I wanted, but I was on bedrest. I ordered 6 of them, just for me, and she brought them to me within the next 2 hours!"

- Ekela D., Brookyn, NY


"Your cupcakes make the sugar I don't wanna take in worth it LOL. Sin never felt sooo good LOL"

- Ronald D., New York, NY


"Ever since meeting Ms.Yaya about four years ago, while exchanging business cards at the nail salon, I have never looked back. Your impeccable business acumen, the drive to ensure that your overall presentation and taste of your work just shows how much you love what you do, and in pleasing your customers. I can say this, for the years we have worked together, there is no other like you. Thank you for always making yourself available to me when I place my last minute orders."

- Tamara D., Brooklyn, NY


"I've known Yaya for quite some time and her baking has evolved quite a bit.  She's done travel themed cupcakes for me, a Warhol coconut cake for me, and no one can stop talking about the chocolate covered bacon she did for our church fundraiser.  Her versatility is amazing and I can't wait to see what she does next!"

- Keena H., Brooklyn, NY

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